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Folk Music from around the World This cultural music show, stars ‘CJ and his musical puppets’, and explains the origins of folk music from different countries. As well as being an accomplished musician and entertainer, CJ is also a skilled ventriloquist (the kids love seeing the age old art of ventriloquism and often haven’t been previously exposed to it!). With his hilarious puppet friends including ‘Nigel the crocodile’ and ‘Lewis the Lion’, CJ’s journey begins in Spain where the children are introduced to the Flamenco Guitar and an interactive song that helps teach basic Spanish language. Then, just like the settlers did many years ago CJ moves from Europe to the Appalachian mountains of North America for a good ol’ ‘hoe down’, before heading to England where ‘wise Clive’ teaches the kids about some of the most loved folklore legends. The loveable ‘Roger the monkey’ also makes an appearance and teaches the children all about Mento (Jamaican folk music). The show features songs that were purposely written for it, as well as folk classics such as: ‘The grand old duke of York’, ‘Yellow Bird’, and ‘home among the gumtrees’ Catchy lyrics, quick to learn dance moves and important messages are all combined to make this exploration of folk music both an informative and very entertaining experience.

Ideal for: Libraries, community events, kids parties and holiday programs!

Read what the audience say

“Folkie Dokey was fantastic. The children got involved. They loved him. Very friendly. Excellent.”

Ashlee Gordom. Endeavour Hills Early Learning Centre. VIC.
Aug 2019.

“Today our children had the opportunity to watch a special performance called Folkie Dokey, a show all about folk music. CJ, the performer sang and acted out all types of folk music from all around the world. As well as using various instruments throughout the show are children were introduced to various types of folk music from around Australia, Spain, England and America. Your children, laughed, dance and sang all the way through the performance! Waltzing Matilda was one of the Australian songs and Nate and Paige sang along in the crowd. When CJ bought out the puppets, Wise Clive and Nigel your children enjoyed listening to their songs and jokes. Children copied Clive as he said greetings in various languages and showed enthusiasm as they contributed to this experience.”

Michelle Bennett. Bairnsdale Childcare and Kinder. Bairnsdale. VIC.
July 2019.

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